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Give Thanks. The Grass is Greener Here.

12.09.14: As we enter this holiday season, it’s worth taking a look at your individual circumstances and gauging whether your financial situation is stronger than it was last year, three years ago or five years ago. We can all find reasons to gripe about one thing or another, even in the best of the times. But that’s why it’s so important to remember when things were more difficult. This may be the very reason why bad things happen to good people -- to help make us stronger. Read more

Small Business, Small Incomes

12.02.14: Large corporations in America have only been around about 13 decades. Before then, America was built on the backs of small business owners. Larger companies started to take root in the mid-19th century, led by railroads and industrial firms. Small business owners took a hit but adapted by developing market niches too small for big companies to accommodate or by serving as suppliers to larger firms. Small businesses have never gone away, and today they provide 55 percent of all jobs in America. Read more

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