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Featured in NAIFA’s Advisor Today Magazine

Calvin Goetz was featured in the January/February 2016 issue of NAIFA's Advisor Today. In the article, What's Keeping Your Senior Clients Up At Night?, Calvin speaks to tax and employment concerns as well as financial products that may be helpful to retirees. Click here to read the article.


01.21.16: The study of “emotional intelligence” began in the 1980s as a way to measure one’s ability to identify and manage both his or her own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. In the business world, people with high emotional intelligence, known as a high EQ (emotional quotient) are known to be more empathetic to others, which enables them to more effectively manage conflicts, read and respond to co-worker needs and keep their own emotions from disrupting their performance. A high EQ is particularly important in consulting professions; it’s a skill that we as financial professionals work on as much as understanding financial trends. That’s because we must do more than educate and evaluate our clients’ finances; we must understand the pressures you feel and how you cope with volatility and change in order to offer guidance for your personal situation.  Read more

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