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Strategy Financial Group Quarterly Market Commentary Q3 2016

Click here to read the Strategy Financial Group Quarterly Market Commentary Q3 2016.

Stay Plugged in to New Tech Trends

07.20.16: Technology hasn’t just improved over time; it’s also matured its users. Today, the average child gets his or her first cellphone at age 10. In past generations, 10 was about the age when parents finally let their kids use those creepy crawly bug makers that required a heating device. These days, one of the biggest growth trends in IT is wearable technology, such as medical and fitness devices. As much of the nation continues on its prolonged health kick, companies have adapted to consumers’ needs by rolling out wearable technology. The U.S. has accounted for the largest share of these medical and fitness devices that encourage improved health and activity. New products are constantly rolled out with a variety of everyday applications. Click through to see how technology might impact the financial services industry. Read more

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